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Jul 4 2022 Film /

Italian Contemporary Film Festival | Architettura & Design

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Italian Contemporary Film Festival | Architettura & Design Program

This 4-PART event embraces and highlights Italian architecture and design, its worldwide influence in modern construction and the contributions to the architectural landscape by some of the most talented architects in the world. This special event will feature FOUR special screenings throughout the month of July dedicated to these topics, accompanied by incredible panel discussions and presentations from renowned architects and designers. The event is set to take place at our all new CINEMA VILLAGE at the Distillery Historic District, plus a specialty venue at Toronto Harbourfront .


Documentary by Davide Maffei
July 4 2022 – 9:30pm
Cocktail, Screening and Panel Discussion
Distillery Trinity, Outdoor Cinema

The event will feature a panel discussion on renowned Olivetti Architecture.
The conversation will be moderated by Silvio Baldassarra and will feature Stefano Pujatti from Elastico SpA, Les Klein from BDP Quadrangle, Heather Dubbeldam from DUBBELDAM Inc Architecture and Design, and Stefan Novakovic from McGill University, Urbanism and Architecture.

This panel discussion will be followed by the screening of the documentary by Davide Maffei.
Prospettiva Olivetti showcases the iconic Italian company with a keen eye for design, for all its products. At the helm was visionary Adriano Olivetti. In February 1960, the company was thrown into turmoil with Olivetti’s passing. Faced with the potential end of a legacy, audiences will get an insight into how Olivetti management revived the company; through the 60s to the 80s.

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Documentary by Davide Maffei
July 7 2022 – 6:00pm
Cocktail, Screening and Panel Discussion
Distillery Young Centre for the Performing Arts

Dragana Maznic will moderate a panel discussion on Olivetti design featuring Andrew Kuzyk Founding Partner at Entro Communications Inc, Chris Edmondson from Toronto Typewriters, and Luigi Ferrara, Dean of the Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology at George Brown College.

Paradigma Olivetta, directed by Davide Maffei follows the Olivetti company after Adriano Olivetti’s death. No longer under the control of the Italian visionary, the company was forced to undergo a change of ownership and business strategy. From Olivetti’s death to the 1990s, Olivetti restored its long-standing reputation and became a competitive producer once again while remaining true to the company’s roots, continuing to succeed in a time of uncertainty.

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Documentary by Belinda Rukschcio
July 12 2022 – 8:15pm | Screening and Panel Discussion
Distillery Spirit Outdoor Cinema

Industrial requalification will be the topic of focus in the panel discussion lead by Stefano Pujatti from Elastico SpA. The discussion will feature Jamie Goad from The Distillery Historic District, Nicolas Demers Stoddart, Partner Architect, OAQ, OAA, MRAIC, RIBA, and a recorded interview with Benedetta Tagliabue from Miralles Tagliabue EMBT.

Belinda Rukschcio takes audiences through the The life and work of Italian-Brazilian architect, Lina Bo Bardi (b.1914–d.92). Through insightful interviews with friends and colleagues, we come to recognize Lina’s courage and charm embodied in the dramatic gestures of her built works, just as it becomes clear her intentions were directed less toward self-expression, and more toward making cultural institutions to embolden, inspire and protect her adopted population.Whether we call her work modern, or post-modern, the best way to understand Bo Bardi’s architectural intentions, methods, and results, is as a kind of living poetry.

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Directed by Claudia Adragna & Davide Fois
July 16 2022 – 6:00pm | Screening and Panel Discussion
Distillery Spirit Outdoor Cinema

Honouring the great Italian architect Renzo Piano, this event will focus all on his architectural designs. The panel discussion will include the outstanding personalities of Amaury Greig and Giorgio Bianchi from Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Silvio Baldassarra from NORR, producer Francesca Molteni and director Claudia Dragna. The discussion will bring to light the ins and outs of Renzo Piano’s work, how he and his studio operate, and a deeper insight into civic architecture. Following the film, the event will include an engaging Q&A with the filmmakers.

Inside Renzo Piano Building Workshop through a succession of meetings, phone calls and project reviews inside the Renzo Piano Building Workshop audiences get a truly intimate perspective. In Genoa, Paris, New York and Los Angeles we witness the miracle of creation, watching project sketches transform into buildings we can see and touch. Renzo Piano, the master himself, showcases his extraordinary ability to distance himself from a project, visualize a problem and find a solution. Fragments of everyday life help to construct beautiful architecture and reveal the figure of one of the world’s greatest architects.

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