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Sep 21 2019 Exhibit /


September 21 - December 1, 2019

259 Lake Shore Boulevard East

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Artist and architectural designer Adrian Blackwell’s two-part installation is part of the inaugural Toronto Biennial of Art. 

The ancient Greek term isonomia implies political equality. Blackwell’s two site-responsive, non-hierarchical structures at the Biennial function as gathering places for weekly programs, and spaces for contemplating isonomia in the face of colonial governance structures that have overtaken Indigenous ones.

At 259 Lake Shore Boulevard East (the biennial’s main exhibition space), Isonomia in Toronto? (harbour) is modelled after Toronto’s changing shoreline, illustrating the effects of encroaching privatization on the land. 

At the Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga, a 300 foot-long cushion-like structure with infinite configurations allows visitors to sit in curves, folds and knots. An image of the shoreline of Etobicoke Creekalso known as wadoopikaang (the place where the alders grow) in Anishinaabemowin—stretches along its length, connecting land- and human- based pedagogies.