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Jan 26 2023 Event /

Housing Multitudes Symposium: Crafting Creative Housing Solutions for a Better, Healthier Future

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Architecture and Design Gallery, University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture. 1 Spadina Crescent

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This daytime roundtable uniting urban scholars, designers, planners, community developers and policy specialists will explore how to take some of the ideas of the Housing Multitudes exhibition forward. Discussion will be especially focused on what is being forgotten or ignored in the proposed “solutions” to housing shortages and affordability that Ontario’s Bill 23, and Toronto’s Housing Action Plan, seek to address.
The event will centre on two questions primarily: 1. How can “first growth” suburban neighbourhoods and communities transform the physical infrastructure that surrounds them for greater economic, social and ecological benefit? And 2. What planning, finance and design strategies can Toronto leverage to evolve its vast suburban geography in a way that accommodates its housing needs, makes communities more liveable and contributes to the sustainability of the city? And how might we pilot these ideas?
A full list of speakers will be forthcoming.