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Apr 30 2020 Event /

HOME TOUR: Joey Giaimo

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Held live on the TSA Instagram account


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Photo by Doublespace Photography (Courtesy of Giaimo)


We’re launching a special virtual spin on our Building Tours to continue giving you the opportunity to explore exciting architectural projects without leaving home!

As we all do our part by staying home, residential design has never been more topical or top of mind. So we thought we’d celebrate these personal spaces by taking our members on a tour of some very special homes — those designed by TSA members for themselves!

Join us on Instagram Live as we kick off our HOME TOURS series with a live-stream online tour of Giaimo Principal and TSA member Joey Giaimo’s very own home! During this personal tour led by Joey himself, we’ll get a very personal perspective of this unique Mississauga residence as we learn the stories, challenges and successes behind creating and realizing the vision for his home. And with our live Q&A feature, you’ll have a chance to ask questions throughout the tour!

The tour will be held live on the TSA Instagram account, so make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.


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About this house:

Preserving existing buildings and promoting incremental development is critical to the history and evolution of a place. Located in Mississauga’s Lakeview neighbourhood, South House and its surrounding residences have consistently evolved over the past hundred years.

A recent surge in Lakeview’s popularity has seen the replacement of smaller, older homes with large, detached contemporary houses. South House sidesteps this approach and continues the neighbourhood’s initial development trajectory by preserving one of its early single-family homes through renovation and an addition. The re-designed home forms part of an ongoing conversation; a respectful nod to the neighbourhood’s history, and an acknowledgment of its continuing evolution.

Formally, the design attempts an integrated approach between old and new, and the response is a geometry that meets the simple archetypal house form with an equally simple box form. The austere exterior disguises an intricate interior with a range of volumes and finishes, all enveloped and connected by a sculpted roof form.