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Jan 19 2022 Event /

Heritage Toronto | Remnants of Mid-Century Toronto: A Virtual Discussion

6:30-7:30 PM

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Join us for a virtual discussion about “Remnants of Mid-Century Toronto”, a collection of photos by Vik Pahwa documenting the sometimes beautiful, sometimes neglected collection of mid-century structures that still stand today, dotting Toronto’s urban landscape.

Panellists: Photographer Vik Pahwa and Editor Matthew Blackett

Moderator: Philip Evans, Principal at ERA Architects

In Remnants of Mid-Century Toronto (2020), edited by Spacing’s creative director Matthew Blackett, readers are not taken on a journey of “best of mid-century architecture.” Instead, the book focuses on the buildings that we see in our everyday activities that often blend into the background of collective memories of the city. These buildings were built with the ethos of a different generation — seeing them in a contemporary setting allows us to reflect on the legacy of what we’ve inherited as a city. The book is dotted with short essays and features that uncover peculiar facts and stories about the buildings that have come to symbolize the greatest period of growth in Toronto’s history.

Vik Pahwa is a Toronto-based architectural photographer and documentarian with a deep knowledge of the city. This journey has resulted in a large archive of city images and a daily photography blog that started in 2011. Specializing in capturing historical and mid-century modern architecture — as well as documenting urban transition — Vik’s work combines an inquisitive and unique perspective with a strong emphasis on lines and geometry.