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Mar 29 2021 Lecture /

Hardscape Plants, an exploration of Local Plants for Tough Urban Environments

7:30 PM



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The title for this talk was originally even longer, but a tad more accurate: Hardscape Plants: An exploration of local plants that are ideally suited for life on rooftops, walls, balconies, planters and patios. Jonas Spring runs Ecoman, a landscaping & gardening practice shaping residential spaces. Jonas uses ecological references in urban planting design. He sees the city is seen through the lens of nature, as a woodland understory. Buildings are cliffs, streets are canyons and roofs are islands. Jonas will discuss his ideas and show us how ecological references can help us pick the right plants for those tough urban spaces.
If you are a member of the Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto you will receive the link to the meeting in the February 2021 bulletin, which is emailed within a week of the meeting date. Please join the meeting before 7:30 PM to make sure you can connect.
If you are not a member (or can’t find the link!), but are interested in joining online, please send an email to newsletter@parkdaletorontohort.com and a link will send to you A FEW DAYS BEFORE THE MEETING.