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Oct 24 2022 Event /

GHETTO: Sanctuary for Sale

Ghetto at the AGO: from Oct 24 until Nov 20

Free for those under 25, $25 for 25 and up

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‘GHETTO: Sanctuary for Sale’ is a theoretical architecture project currently on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario Annex until November 20, 2022.
In this unique conceptual project for Venice, proposed by Henriquez Partners Architects, the city’s historical saturation of tourists is leveraged as an economic opportunity, funding the development of refugee housing entirely through the sale of tourist timeshare condominiums. Developed in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and European Cultural Centre, GHETTO illustrates the leadership role that architects can play in the creation of inclusive, engaged cities and the power of the development community to provide social benefits.
   GHETTO imagines a physical conduit for redistributing wealth, from tourists to refugees, by transferring equity garnered in the development process in a mutually beneficial manner. The 2,000-unit theoretical development model provides 1,000 homes for refugees and 1,000 timeshare units for tourists, over four sites in Venice, sufficient to create a revenue-neutral financial model. While this project explores one iteration of this redistribution model, it can be applied across different geographies, scales and contexts.
   GHETTO has been honoured with awards from the European Cultural Centre, Architecture MasterPrize, Architizer A+ Awards and Azure Awards.



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