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Feb 24 2022 Event /

Framework Leadership | Workplace Culture – What’s Now and Next?

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Over the past two years it is safe to say workplace culture for professional services firms has changed.

How firms work, how people lead, and how organizational culture happens has shifted in unpredictable, dramatic ways. Two of the most prominent features of this period have been remote-working and increased expectations for employers to support diversity, inclusion, and equity.

This presentation will provide information on these two themes with the aim of helping attendees support, attract, and retain talent in their firms.

It will include industry-specific research and examples, with opportunity for attendees to engage and discuss their experiences with each other – a core attribute of SDA Canada.

Hosted by Society for Design Administration Canada

SDA Canada promotes education and best practices in management and professional standards of design firm personnel. Our members include principals, controllers, marketing managers, HR supervisors, administrators, project managers, and consultants to design firms.