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Apr 21 2020 Online Learning /

Engaging Your Clients in the Age of BIM

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Join this free, fun, and educational webinar, which will explore innovative ways of showcasing your projects and injecting more information into what gets presented to your clients.

While presenting your project to your clients, you should be able to transmit all your ideas in all their intricacies.  A client that gets a full understanding of his project will become more engaged, leading to faster decisions and less requests for changes.

Multiple tools have recently been developed in recent years, are helping improve project communication. Interactive apps, immersive presentations, virtual reality, all empower the Architects and Designers, in achieving higher levels of presentation. All these techniques are easy to use and can directly be synchronized with the BIM model, keeping them up to date.


• How to get your client to understand his project through BIMx, an interactive app that is freely available
• How animated immersive presentations can help in bringing your projects to life
• The easiest way to offer your clients the virtual reality experience
• How to create 3D illustrations explaining your conceptual ideas in seconds

Certificate of Attendance will be available through Cad Centre.