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May 29 2016 Forum /

Doors Open Special Program: Why New Ideas Need Old Buildings

2:00 PM

The Masonic Temple | 888 Yonge St

Free Admission

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The space under a highway, a decommissioned school building, an old brick factory – all across Toronto new life is being breathed into aging structures and spaces around us. As part of the Centenary celebration of iconic Torontonian urbanist and writer, Jane Jacobs, this Doors Open Toronto collaboration with her namesake project Jane’s Walk will unpack her famous idea that “new ideas must use old buildings” in a lively panel discussion. With insights that reflect on more than just buildings, you’ll hear from the people who write about, design and re-build our ever-changing city. Take a closer look at Toronto’s urban landscape for examples of old buildings transformed, public spaces and aging infrastructure transformations.

In partnership with Jane’s Walk.

Denise Pinto, Executive Director, Jane’s Walk

Lloyd Alter, Managing Editor, Treehugger

Megan Torza, Architect, Partner, DTAH

Adil Dhalla, Director of Culture, Centre for Social Innovation

Marc Ryan, Principal and Co-founder, PUBLIC WORK

Michelle Xuereb, Sustainability Strategist, Senior Associate, Quadrangle

Robert Plitt, Acting Executive Director, Evergreen CityWorks