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Nov 17 2022 Event /

Developing Relationships: Building Affordable Housing Into Mirvish Village | Nov 17

12:00 PM

Online via Zoom


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Supplying more affordable housing remains a critical issue. But we seldom hear from those who manage these units and build relationships with developers and either individuals or families requiring a safe place to live and make a home for themselves.

Kehilla has been championing affordable housing for Toronto’s Jewish community since 1982. Please join us on November 17th at 12:00 pm for a discussion explaining the process of allocating, designing and providing affordable housing units, using Toronto’s Mirvish Village as a seminal case study. Mirvish Village is a new community of 100% purpose-built rentals that will integrate a new park, public market, and 24 restored heritage buildings.

Our presentation will begin with architect Gregory Henriquez, Managing Principal of Henriquez Partners. He will discuss his collaboration with the Mirvish Village development team and how public/private partnerships between developers, architects and non-profits can lead to increased delivery of affordable housing.

Other panellists include Lisa Lipowitz, Executive Director of Kehilla Residential Programme and Tyson Parker, Vice President of Experiential Development at Westbank Corp. They will discuss the process and importance of building the trusted relationship which led to the integration of affordable housing units–to be managed by Kehilla–into Mirvish Village.

Kehilla Board members Naama Blonder of Smart Density and Lirad Kligman of The Yorkville Team will moderate the session. At the end of the hour, Brenda Izen of Izen Architecture will lead a virtual site tour of the affordable housing units currently under construction.