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Sep 24 2020 Event /

Daniels Talks l Strange Primitivism and Other Things

6:30pm to 8:00pm



Strange Primitivism and Other Things is a conversation between Adrian Phiffer and Tei Carpenter, moderated by Hans Ibelings. It takes as its subject Phiffer’s new book ‘Strange Primitivism’, published by the Architecture Observer in June 2020.

Hans Ibelings writes about the book: ‘This book takes its readers on a trip through some of the unexpected twists and bends in the mind of Adrian Phiffer. It is an unfailing Rorschach test of words and images, which can be read as dangerously normal, profoundly superficial, provocatively beautiful, and more. Phiffer has single-handedly doctored an exquisite corpse of cliffhangers, assembled in a plotless story which reveals side of architecture it practically never shows.’