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Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design Summer Outreach Programs

Summer 2021



The following online programs are open for registration for summer 2021 (June 28 to September 3, 2021). If you missed our virtual open houses last week, you can find them on each of the pages below.

Daniels Minecraft Camp – Summer 2021
(ages 8-14 years old)

Our Daniels Minecraft Camp is back and better than ever! This program uses your participant’s love of Minecraft to explore the fundamentals of design and architecture while building teamwork and communication skills. This summer, we have partnered with two student groups: UofT eSports and Applied Architecture, Landscape and Design Group (AALD) to bring you two NEW programs – Level 1 (Cityscapes) and Level 2 (World Building and Game Design). Read More.

(1-week full-day or 2-week half-day)

Daniels Digital Design Camp – Summer 2021
(ages 12-14 years old)

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with the University of Toronto staff and faculty to digitally design projects that respond to five sites on campus. The intention is to design these five sites as built areas that would support outdoor classes in response to COVID-19. Students will learn about how the University of Toronto has been built over time and contribute ideas to how the campus can be redesigned to accommodate outdoor learning during the pandemic. These designs will be presented to staff and faculty, who will provide feedback during the design process. This program will give participants experience with real project management while fostering a greater sense of community involvement and responsibility. From concept to presentation, participants will gain collaborative skills and learn the importance of partnership in fun and creative ways. Read More.

(1-week full-day or 2-week half-day)

Daniels Design Bootcamp – Summer 2021
(ages 16-18+ years old)

The Daniels Design Bootcamp provides a comprehensive introduction to the discipline of architecture, giving you the opportunity to experience different ways of seeing, thinking, and making through the lens of design. The program will develop your skills in a broad range of design tools and techniques, providing a strong foundation to explore your creative potential. Read More.

(Four 1-week courses)

NEW Daniels Architecture & Film Bootcamp – Summer 2021
(ages 16-18+ years old)

Explore the world around you through the lens of architecture and film making. The solitude of moving through a narrow passage, the joy of arriving at a discovered garden, the abstraction of a new creating an exciting new world. These are the moments we seek to craft in our interpretations of the built environment. Read More.

(Four 1-week courses)