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City of Toronto: Cultural Districts Program Survey | Have Your Say

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In response to community-based advocacy and efforts to support local culture across several neighbourhoods, the City of Toronto is moving ahead with the creation of a Cultural Districts Program. We understand that culture is both boundless and dynamic. Using an equity-based placemaking lens and co-stewardship model, the City’s overall goal is to co-create a program that brings together resources, interdivisional policy tools and new approaches for fostering culture, as defined by local community stakeholders. The Cultural Districts Program is intended to play a role in mitigating cultural erasure, displacement and economic stratification while contributing to vibrant communities that embrace everyone. The goal of this survey is to learn more about the priorities, concerns and hopes that community members, businesses and organizations have for the new Cultural Districts Program.

The Cultural Districts Program proposal is being developed by Jay Pitter Placemaking Inc. in close collaboration with the City of Toronto and a diverse range of community stakeholders.

Take the survey here.