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City of Toronto: Community Preservation Panel | Call for Applications

Application due June 30

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City Seeking Residents to Join its Community Preservation Panels

Are you interested in Toronto’s built heritage? Do you have a background or interest in history, architecture, planning, or heritage research? The City of Toronto is seeking local residents to join its Community Preservation Panels. The Panels, along with the Toronto Preservation Board, help City Council make informed decisions about the conservation of the city’s heritage buildings and sites.

Joining a Community Preservation Panel is an opportunity to meet new people who value Toronto’s history and have input into heritage issues that will affect Toronto now, and for decades to come. There is one Preservation Panel for each Community Council district. Panel members provide advice on a range of issues in their communities and throughout the city.

Members of the Community Preservation Panels must be residents of the City of Toronto and are appointed for four years. Panels meet up to six times a year or at the call of the Chair.

Applications for the upcoming round of appointments are due June 30, 2021.

To learn more about this opportunity and apply online, please visit https://secure.toronto.ca/pa/decisionBody/902.do.