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May 5 2021 Event /

CCA | Give a Box of Tricks Workshop

12:00 PM

Online via Zoom Webinar


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The ways we live are changing, tracing socioeconomic transformations, ideological shifts, and technological developments. For example, multigenerational housing is making a comeback in the Global North; the desire to own fewer things is increasing; kids are born into a digitized, online world, where life expectancy is constantly rising. Products, services, and architecture have started responding to these phenomena. So how could society carefully and collectively support us through these changes, and what is the role of the individual in assisting others?

Inspired by the Finnish “baby box,” a cardboard crate of essentials sent by the Finnish government to expecting parents since the 1930s, participants will design a set of ideas, items, and tools to help people that find themselves in fairly unchartered living scenarios. Join us to invent a toolkit for navigating and supporting change.

Attendance to this event is free and open to participants 13 years and older. Please RSVP.