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Jan 1 2020 Online Learning /

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion Webinars

Multiple Dates


In light of the ongoing challenges presented by the spread of COVID-19, CCDI has decided to offer complimentary access to our webinars until the end of May.  Though access to these webinars has been reserved for our current Employer Partners, we are happy to extend this excellent learning opportunity to anyone who wishes to join. This is a great opportunity to continue your educational journey, and support diversity and inclusion in Canada!

Simply visit www.ccdi.ca/webinars, find the webinar of interest, and follow the steps to register.

CCDI is proud to help on your diversity and inclusion journey.   Now, more than ever, Canadians need to come together to ensure we continue to live in the most inclusive country on the planet. If diversity is Canada’s strength… inclusion is our superpower!

To Register:

When registering, click “EMPLOYER PARTNER”, and then select “YOU ARE AN INVITED GUEST”.