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Canada Constructed | Spring/Summer 2022 Internship Opportunities

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Arts-based internships are open to students at the University of Toronto through the Department of Art History. Offered as a course credit (FAH 481 H/Y1), these internships provide advanced third- and fourth-year UofT students with the opportunity to work with local organizations for a semester or academic session. (Please note that because these are for course credit, they are unpaid internships.)

We are pleased to offer a number of internship placements for the Summer 2022 term for students interested in architecture, architectural history, heritage, and more. Check out the opportunities below with:

  • 401 Richmond (Urbanspace)
  • ACO NextGen
  • Canadian Architect Magazine
  • Open Art Histories
  • The Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada
  • TO Built
  • Toronto Society of Architects
  • … and more opportunities coming soon!

Interested students should send an application by April 11, 2022 to Dr Jessica Mace (jessica.mace@utoronto.ca). Applications should include a letter of interest (including any relevant coursework or experience), and a resume. Please indicate to which posting(s) you are applying. If you are interested in more than one posting, you do not need to submit more than one application.