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Sep 29 2021 Event /

BEAT Talks | BEAT (Virtual) Talk with FORREC

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

Online via Zoom



BEAT Talks are a series of discussions held at the offices of Architects across the city. Hosts will share their learned experience.

About this event

Event’s Description

BEAT is continuing to work in collaboration with local Architects to provide a platform for promoting equality within the profession, through networking and leadership opportunities.

We are honored to have FORREC host the BEAT Talk session on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021.

Join us to hear from a panel of creatives from FORREC, an experience design company, including Leah Jaikaran, Director of People, Cindi Rowan, Studio Director – Landscape Architecture, Peter Marshall, Creative Director, Court Sin, Studio Director – Architecture, and Amir Maddah, Interior Designer. Learn about how FORREC is not only creating transformational places for its clients but how it is highlighting equity, diversity and inclusion to create a transformational workplace at FORREC.


FORREC is an experience design company that creates transformational places. Our creative house leads in the design of theme parks, water parks, mixed use + entertainment developments, resorts and visitor attractions globally plus, award-winning landscape architecture right here at home. Based in Toronto, FORREC has built projects in 20 countries, with a history that spans 30 years.

Cindi Rowan

Prior to joining FORREC, Cindi worked for several reputable firms as well as operated her own award-winning design practice in New Mexico and Colorado, creating vibrant places that transformed urban environments. Cindi has over 20 years’ experience in sustainable design, leading sustainability initiatives for local and global corporations to protect and restore nature. Her work explores the interaction of built form, public space, streetscapes and natural systems, creating a framework for meaningful human experience. Cindi excels in the unique design of significant public spaces and her passion is in the use of design and materials to tell the story of a place: establishing a built narrative that explores its history, stylistic identity, and future form.


Leah Jaikaran

Leah completed her Master of Science in Managerial Psychology from the University of Manchester with her dissertation focus on Diversity in the Canadian Workforce and received her Post Graduate Certificate in HR Management from Seneca College after a BSc from the University of Toronto.

Over the years Leah has successfully provided HR leadership to several businesses within the Entertainment, VFX/VR and Interior Design industry. To date, Leah’s experience and genuine curiosity have led her to become specialized in building an HR strategy that aligns with company goals and translates to a strong people experience and employer brand.


Peter Marshall

As an award-winning design director, Peter applies his creative eye to the world’s most exciting and compelling theme parks and attractions. At FORREC, Peter leads a dynamic inter-disciplinary team of designers, illustrators and modellers to envision and deliver next generation entertainment eco-systems.

An architect by training, Peter studied Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Waterloo. Peter previously directed a studio of 20 designers specializing in architectural visualizations and interactive installations, and brought virtual worlds to life through art direction at the Rockstar Games videogame design studio.


Amir Maddah

Amir graduated as an Architect in 2004 in Iran. At the beginning of his career, Amir focused on modelling, 3d renderings and architectural and interior animations using Sketchup and 3D MAX.

In 2012 Amir moved to Canada and worked at several firms including Neff kitchen and Burdifillek as an intermediate designer focusing on high end retails and condominiums. In 2015 Amir switched his focused and went to film school where he studied Cinematographer/ photographer for one year. In 2016 Amir transitioned back into interior design while working at Esqape design focusing on condominiums. In April 2018 Amir joined FORREC LTD as an Interior designer where he is currently working on theme parks and water parks.


Court Sin

As Studio Director, Court continues to provide his expertise to FORREC’s architecture studio. As a highly collaborative project leader, he works closely with management to develop best practices for his Studio to produce extraordinary projects from any brief. Court has extensive knowledge in his field. His specialization in Third Place Theory, the space between home and workplace, led him to publish his first book in 2008. Entitled The One Third You Are Missing – Designing Third Places to Revitalize Downtowns, it focuses on the significance of designing authentic social places and is supplemented by thoughts from Ray Oldenburg and Will Alsop.