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Nov 21 2020 Forum /

BEAT Forum 2020: Empowering Architectural Practices to Address Emotional/Identity Tax

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM



‘Emotional/Identity Tax’ is used to describe the experience of many historically marginalized professionals in Canada who report being treated differently, subject to additional responsibilities, and constantly on guard to protect themselves against discrimination and bias.  Recent studies of Canadian workplaces report that Indigenous and racialized professionals are doubly burdened by exclusionary workplace practices and tokenistic diversity strategies (Catalyst, 2019; Henry et al., 2017).

This session will include a brief presentation by Nicole Bernhardt, NSB Consulting, on the concept of identity/emotional tax, followed by a moderated discussion with panelists from within the profession on how equitable, accessible and restorative design can advance architectural practices and cultivate an expansive sense of belonging within the profession.  Further, this discussion will assist attendees in identifying exclusionary and racist structures, and will support them in advancing anti-racism in the workplace and the profession.

This event will be a virtually programmed presentation and panel discussion.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding emotional/identity tax and issues facing historically marginalized groups in the workplace and specifically in the Architecture and Design professions in Toronto (and across Canada).

  2. Understanding and describing racism, and learning ways to address and prevent systemic racism in the workplace and the profession.

  3. Providing an opportunity for participants to engage in dialogue regarding current anti-racist initiatives within the profession.

  4. Understanding how to build accountable spaces and prioritize equity in office spaces.

  5. Addressing implicit and complicit bias in design practices and workplace processes.

Presented and moderated by:
Nicole Bernhardt, Equity Policy Advisor and Anti-Racism Educator

Cheryll Case, Founder and Principal, CP Planning

Matthew Hickey, Partner, Two Row Architects

Reza Nik, Principal SHEEEP

More information about the moderator/speakers can be found at BEAT’s event page.