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Oct 25 2018 Event /

Autodesk’s Design Night: Generative Design!

6:00 PM - 9:00PM

Autodesk Technology Centre, Toronto
Community Space (first floor)
661 University Avenue Suite 100



Exploring how to make the impossible possible

Mimicking nature’s evolutionary approach to design, generative design lets you create intricate lightweight lattices and optimized shapes you’d likely never think of on your own. Some of these forms are impossible to make with traditional methods. Instead, they’re built using new additive manufacturing methods. We’ll explore how automation – enabled by these new manufacturing processes – is unlocking a new era of design freedom where it’s possible to make even the most complex designs.

  • Hear from Mark Kirby, Additive Manufacturing Business Manager at Renishaw Canada
  • Get hands-on with generative design activities
  • Enjoy delicious food and cocktails while dancing to sets by our DJ, Paul Chin

Eat! Drink! Make! Learn!