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Apr 16 2020 Film /

ADFF:ONLINE | The Human Shelter

8:00 pm ET + Q&A w/ Boris Bertram - The program will be repeated at 8:00 pm PT


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This film is an epic, poetic journey investigating how we, as human beings, design and build our homes. The film will explore the concept of the “home,” and how humans express themselves creatively within that sacred space, whether it’s a lagoon settlement in Lagos, a refugee camp in Iraq or a six square-meter dwelling in Tokyo.



Boris Benjamin Bertram

Boris Benjamin Bertram is a filmmaker, director, producer and partner in Good Company Pictures. Educated at the National Film School of Denmark as a documentary director in 2005. He is the creator of award‐winning, international documentaries, sold to more than 25 countries and furthermore he has made a variety of documentaries for the National Danish Television DR1 and TV2. On top of that he has a graduate degree in social psychology and communication. As a director he has a global outlook and a keen interest on international politics, conflict resolutions, humanitarianism and art. With the film DIPLOMACY (2008) he followed Kofi Annan as Secretary-General on the UN peacekeeping mission in the Darfur crisis. TANKOGRAD (2010), the environmental and dance film, about a former secret nuclear city in Siberia. With his latest award-winning film THE WAR CAMPAIGN (2013) he focused on the media campaign which sold the illegal war against Iraq to the international community. His upcoming film, THE WAR PHOTOGRAPHER (2018) portrays the Danish photographer Jan Grarup. His films have won many prizes at esteemed ceremonies, such as: The Moscow Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, Chelyabinsk Film Festival, MCA Awards, TV-Gold award for best Danish documentary, special showings at Stanford University and Museum of Natural History in New York. Boris Bertram was supported by Kunstrådet in 2011 and 2015.