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The Ontario Association of Architects is currently looking for presenters for its 2020 OAA Annual Conference, entitled “Shifting Paradigms,” which will take place in Toronto next May. The OAA invites individuals and organizations to submit a brief outline of their proposed presentation for this event, which will be one of the year’s most important gatherings for the architecture profession of Ontario.

For more information on the submission and review process, as well as timelines, click here to access the Proposal Form.

OAA Annual Conference

The OAA Annual Conference is a three-day interdisciplinary forum that brings together Ontario architects, interns, students, engineers, interior designers and other allied professionals. The Conference comprises continuing education seminars, workshops, panel presentations and architectural tours, along with networking and social events. This year’s event, the 2019 OAA Annual Conference, took place in Quebec City from May 22 to 24. (For more information on previous editions of the conference, click here.)

2020 OAA Annual Conference: Shifting Paradigms
May 27–29, 2020
Beanfield Centre & Hotel X

As a profession and as an Association, we are at a pivotal moment: How we practise is rapidly changing in tandem with shifting priorities across society. From the way we deliver projects to the way we organize our offices, and from the tools we use to design to the skills we need to succeed, all aspects must evolve synergistically. In today’s society, where diversity, sustainability and transparency are paramount, the question is: Are we leading by example?

Before You Submit

Please read the Guidelines and Terms of Presenting before proceeding to the Proposal Form.

Submission Deadline: Monday, October 7, 2019

Call for Presenters Online Proposal Form 

Who attends the OAA Annual Conference?

Delegates at the OAA Annual Conference represent all aspects of the Ontario architecture profession and its related spheres. Examples include:

  • leaders in architecture and design
  • emerging talents in architecture;
  • students entering the field;
  • built environment enthusiasts;
  • allied professionals;
  • faculty; and
  • media.

OAA Annual Conference Attendance:

  • 2018 (Toronto): 1480;
  • 2017 (Ottawa): 1200;
  • 2016 (Toronto): 1900; and
  • 2015 (Hamilton): 1300.

Areas of Interest

Non-promotional presentations can be about diverse topics and deals with subjects from across the spectrum of interest for Ontario architects. Some examples include:

  • architectural design;
  • environment and energy;
  • heritage building restoration;
  • sustainable or green design;
  • practice management, project management and risk management;
  • building codes (Ontario Building Code and National Building Code of Canada); and
  • legal issues and legislation related to architectural practice and the construction industry.

Questions?  OAAContinuingEducation@oaa.on.ca