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May 11 2016 Symposium /

2016 OAA Conference

Allstream Centre, Toronto

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There is an increase in the public’s awareness of design, its impact, and the environment—but are we each doing our part to ensure the message that architecture matters is being raised at every opportunity? ‘The Value of Architects and Architecture’ is understood by architects, but is the message resonating with our clients, the public and those who use the spaces we create? A strong message relies on strong voices. Participation in the dialogue about design, business and the positive impacts architects can make is integral to creating awareness about the value of hiring an architect and the services architects provide. There are issues which currently affect architects and architecture. The profession has a lot of ‘architecture matters’ on its mind.

A dialogue within the profession about business, design, and legislation is timely. The practice of architecture is diverse, evolving, challenging and rewarding. Knowing who we are and believing in the services we provide helps to create a unified voice. The more committed the members of the profession are to adding to the dialogue already underway– the more impact we can make.

Together, we can influence the general understanding of architecture and the role and services of the architect. Join us — Let’s explore all sides of Architecture Matters at the 2016 OAA Conference.