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1UP Toronto Conference 2020: Call for Projects and Sponsorship

Dealine for projects: January 27. Deadline for Sponsorship: February 8


Does your organization have an ongoing project that could benefit from youth input (new building, renovation, public space)?

Your organization is invited to participate in 1UP Toronto Conference 2020, which brings together 100 secondary school students from across the GTA to learn about urban issues and their role as changemakers. The conference theme this year, Future Focus, highlights bold and innovative ideas related to transforming old spaces and structures into environmentally and socially sustainable places for future generations.

There are two ways your organization can support 1UP:

  1. Call for Projects: Submit a project as a case challenge for the Design Jam, a three-hour student design competition. It is a great (and free!) way to get youth’s insights on your ongoing project in the city. Deadline: January 27.
  1. Sponsorship: Support our work in introducing city building as a discipline and profession to secondary school students. Deadline: February 8.

Learn more on the conference page.