Aug 31 2022

Varsha Kumar

“When I first moved to Toronto, I was looking at ways to not only connect with other architects and local designers but also to learn more about the architecture in this beautiful city.”

Varsha Kumar believes that social, cultural, spatial and economic aspects are all intrinsic to architecture and the design process, and is constantly looking at ways to effect positive change. She is currently an architect at IBI Group, and her prior experience includes commercial renovations, new builds, and custom residential projects at offices in India and Toronto. Having completed her post-graduate degree at Oxford Brookes University, U.K., Varsha brings both international and Canadian experience to the table.

Varsha has been a volunteer at the Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) since 2017, and has served on the TSA Executive since 2020. In addition to her role as the Society’s Secretary, she currently co-leads several of the TSA’s initiatives, including Doors Open, Building Tours, Home Tours, Breaking Barriers, and Climate Action initiatives.

To learn more about Varsha, check out her LinkedIn profile.