May 11 2021

Terry Sin

Terry is a Managing Director at Norm Li, currently the largest architectural visualization firm in Canada. Terry earned his Bachelor of Architectural Studies (2009) and Master of Architecture (2012) at the University of Waterloo. He joined the Norm Li team in 2013 after a variety of architectural internships in Toronto and New York, realizing rendering was a more fulfilling career path. His experience from the State of Art Academy in Italy and certifications as a V-Ray Certified Professional (VCP) and Licensed Trainer (VLT) provides a pillar of technical and educational support for the studio. As a member of the archviz community at large, Terry focuses on the training of artists entering the industry having been a guest speaker at the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Ryerson University, and serving on the Professional Advisory Council for architecture at Sheridan College.