Oct 3 2022

Rania Matta

Associate, Project Architect, Q4A Architects

Rania Matta is a Lebanese Canadian architect with 18 years of professional architectural experience working on various residential, institutional and hospitality projects in Canada, Lebanon and several Gulf countries.

Rania holds a Master in Architecture from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon. 

In 2013, she moved to Montreal where she worked for 2 years as an architectural designer at a real estate developer specialized in residential construction. This allowed her to gain experience in dealing with the construction standards and country-specific regulations in Canada.

In 2015, Rania moved to Toronto and joined the IPLAN bridging program for international architects at JVS. She then filled different positions in architectural firms such as ZAS & ERA to further move up the career ladder. Currently, she is an Associate, Project Architect at Q4A Architects, a mid-size architectural practice specializing in residential design, community planning and institutional and community buildings. Her leadership role extends beyond project work through her mentorship role within Q4A’s intern group and as the organizational head of Q4All, the firm’s diversity and inclusion group.

Rania obtained her OAA license in 2020. She also recently joined the TSA as a volunteer tour guide for their walking tours.

To learn more about Rania, check out her LinkedIn profile.