May 11 2021

Orest Boszko

A co-founding Principal of B&V, Orest plays a key role in the company’s business development and project management.

 He began his career as an architect working for various architectural firms in Toronto and New York City, including Philip Johnson Architects (1994), Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (1995) and Dermot J. Sweeny Architect Inc. (1996). Early in his career, it became apparent that the actual construction process was just as important as the design in delivering a first-class project. Orest soon found that his passion for building rivalled his interest in design. In 2001 he formed B&V with Michael Verity to dedicate to the construction needs of award-winning architects and their clients in Toronto.

 With their design background and passion for building, Orest and Mike bridged a gap. B&V has earned the respect of their clients and designers through their understanding and collaborative approach. Orest dedicates his efforts towards co-leading a solid team of dedicated professionals who are just as enthusiastic, diligent, and meticulous about constructing truly exceptional architectural projects. He recently led the construction management of acclaimed restaurant Gusto 501 and the base building renovation of a King West 40,000 SF brick and beam factory for Allied Properties and RioCan.