May 5 2019

Neo Mahfrouz

Neo is a Lead Architect and Technical Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the architectural field. Originating from the the UAE where he worked on luxury residential & commercial projects, Neo eventually joined IBI Group in 2014, obtained his OAA license and found his passion in transit architecture.  Leading the design on multiple LRT stations and GO Transit projects has given Neo an enormous amount of experience which he has applied in his current role at Comtech where he plays an integral part managing their transit portfolio.

His experience in moving from a different country and in many ways restarting his career inspired him to co-find “SIMPLY ExAM” –  a company dedicated to assisting architectural graduates and new immigrants with architectural backgrounds in obtaining “Canadian” experience. His passion for helping others doesn’t end there. From 2015-2017, Neo played an integral part with a Not for Profit called Mes Amis Canada, which assisted Syrian Refugees fleeing the war to settle in Canada. He was recognized by the Governor General of Canada for his service and was subsequently awarded the June Callwood Award for Volunteerism.