May 6 2019

Natalia Bakaeva

Born and raised in the Far East of Russia, Natalia has been making giant leaps across the globe – from Japan, through Moscow, from Spain to London, until finally landing here in Toronto. Bringing a wealth of experiences with her, she now spends her days and nights translating all of her soaked-up culture into physical forms. Her openness and enthusiasm know no bounds when it comes to creation.

Having studied both architecture and construction management, Natalia has become an expert in designing and building her art, working full-time at an architectural firm and at her own design collective, Interspatial. Meeting new people is a huge part of her life as well. She finds new connections and ways to learn from everyone around her, from colleagues at industry and art events to friends at a boxing match. Multiplying her knowledge and manifesting it physically is a non-stop process, where one project starts before the other one ends.

Natalia had a number of recent art exhibitions in Toronto, including for DesignTO, PULP Art Party, Yonge + St Clair BIA, BIG on Bloor, Place and Placement and Evergreen Brick Works. Projects reviews have been featured in Urban Toronto, Toronto Guardian, BlogTO, Now Magazine, among others.