Oct 12 2022

Mohcine Sadiq

Architectural & Urban Designer, Smart Density and OAA Intern

Mohcine Sadiq is an internationally-trained architect with a strong interest in minimalist and modernist design. He is currently pursuing his Internship in Architecture Program while working as an architectural and urban designer at Smart Density, a young firm that recently received the best-emerging practice award by the OAA. 

Before joining Smart Density, Mohcine’s experience propelled him through various projects ranging in size from large urban and residential developments to public facilities. His primary objective, however, is to design and provide a human-scaled, socially conscious, and sustainable built environment.

Mohcine recognized the importance of developing pragmatic methods for reducing the managerial complexity of each project through intelligent and innovative delivery processes as a result of his specialization in BIM Management.

Mohcine, who recently relocated to Toronto, hops on his bike to explore the city while hoping to contribute to its transformation.

To learn more about Smart Density, check out their LinkedIn profile.