Apr 12 2021

Julia C. Márquez

Senior Architectural Technologist, IBI Group

A licensed Architect in Venezuela, Julia C. Márquez decided to move to Canada and get a diploma in Architectural Technologist at Centennial College to learn building sciences and construction systems in colder weather conditions. Her degree in architecture allowed her to complete her studies in their Fast-Track program in only 2 years. Her time in Centennial College led her to participate in their Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience in alliance with the Fu Hui Education Foundation as a Student Ambassador, responsible for organizing and running workshops and activities in China for children of all ages, focusing on teenage girls, encouraging their growth and development as confident, successful and global citizens through
workshops of self-exploration, self-confidence, careers and health, as well as having new experiences and sharing differing world perspectives.

After achieving this academic goal, Julia joined +VG Architects in 2016, and worked closely with senior architects, consultants and numerous trades in prestigious heritage projects. Her time in the firm gave her the opportunity to continue to learn and develop her skills in the design and
construction, in both restoration and new construction projects under provincial and federal guidelines.

After 5 years with this Toronto based firm, Julia has now the joined the IBI Group, a global architecture, engineering, planning, and technology firm creating the intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, and efficient infrastructure of tomorrow to further her professional aspirations.