Sep 30 2022

Juan Carlos Portuese

Associate, Dialog Design

Juan Carlos Portuese is an accomplished Architect recognized for his commitment to creating meaningful and inclusive environments that are artful, practical, sustainable and that celebrate the communities, cultures, and environments they serve.

In a career spanning over two decades, he has led and collaborated on the conceptualization, design, and management of multiple Institutional, Office, Labs, Multi-Family Residential and Campus Master plan projects across Canada, the US, and internationally. Recently, Juan Carlos has led the Centennial A-Block expansion project, the first Mass Timber, Zero Carbon Higher-Education facility to be built in Canada.

Juan Carlos believes that great projects happen through great teamwork. He strives to build cordial, enthusiastic, and collaborative environments that bring people together. He is dedicated to advancing the architectural discipline through the purposeful integration of design, technical innovation, and advanced project delivery methods.

To learn more about Juan Carlos, check out his portfolio and LinkedIn profile.