Mar 8 2021

Jonathan King

Principal, BNKC Architects

In Jonathan King’s 25+ year career, he’s led a diverse array of institutional, multi-res, cultural, and healthcare projects. All presented their own complex challenges – exactly the type of projects he’s keen to tackle. Jonathan believes working across sectors makes him a better architect and problem solver – that cross pollination makes for better projects. As a principal at BNKC Architects, Jonathan knows that trusting his team is key to being a good leader. And that’s what he does on the daily. He empowers teams and individuals to do what they do best; providing equal parts motivation, mentorship, and monitoring to keep projects headed in the right direction. Above all, Jonathan gets a kick out of the whip-smart discourse that permeates BNKC’s design culture and he works intrepidly to create an environment in which ideas can evolve.