Oct 18 2021

Joey Giaimo

Joey brings more than 25 years of experience in the architectural, heritage and engineering professions, including an extensive portfolio in integrating design and conservation. He founded Giaimo in 2015 with an approach to architecture that sources the value and characteristics of existing buildings and spaces. This process recognizes and records the state of things as they are, and intervenes with them in respectful and sensitive ways. He thinks it is better to be less compulsive when designing. There are no hard and firm rules, the process is always open and collaborative.

Joey’s projects have received numerous awards, and during his tenure at ERA his work on the Allandale Train Station and at Casey House was acknowledged with a Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation. His involvement in architecture regularly extends beyond practice. He currently serves on the City of Hamilton’s Design Review Panel (DRP), and is co-author of the award winning “Vancouver Matters”, a book that takes a critical stance on the city’s acclaimed urbanism. He is also an instructor at the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University, and has been a visiting critic and thesis advisor for several academic institutions including the University of British Columbia, OCAD University and the University of Waterloo.