Sep 14 2022

Heather Breeze

Founding Member, The Architecture Lobby – Toronto

Heather Breeze is an intern architect who has studied, worked, and lived in Toronto for over a decade. She has completed both an undergraduate and a Master’s degree in Architecture at Toronto Metropolitan University. She works as an Intern Architect and Marketing Director for Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, where she is currently focused on a large institutional heritage renovation, missing middle housing projects, and the firm’s communications and marketing strategies. Heather’s interests revolve around the intersection of public policy and architectural design, and practicing her passion for writing by advocating for engagement and connection between the architecture profession and the community at large. She served as the 2021 Intern Representative for the Ontario Association of Architects Council and adjacent committees, and is a founding member of the Toronto chapter of The Architecture Lobby, where she organizes and volunteers with other designers throughout the country on grassroots initiatives within and adjacent to the profession.

To learn more about Heather, check out her LinkedIn profile.