Apr 28 2020

Gail Borthwick

Principal, Zeidler

Gail brings over 21 years’ experience in architectural design and master planning on a variety of repositioning projects across North America. Gail is an industry leader in sustainability as a LEED® BD+C Accredited Professional and has previously sat on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Green Building Council. Her work has been published in books and journals, and she has presented on the topic of sustainability internationally. Gail’s work on the Chicago Central Area DeCarbonization Plan has since been published and is used by cities such as Seattle and Toronto to guide their own sustainability policies and planning.

Gail’s previous career as a business analyst combined with her professional experience in architecture and urban design guides her design practice. This ensures economic, social and environmental sustainability is embedded into projects. She has a strong background in business development and creating a studio culture that embraces the importance of design and new technologies. She has led Computational Design and Sustainability groups to better understand programming, financial, environmental and site opportunities. As a member of senior leadership in large architectural firms and a studio instructor at leading art and design universities, Gail uses her industry expertise to guide and mentor young architects and students.