May 11 2021

Court Sin

As an award-winning architect with over 10 years of experience, Court has proven himself a leader within FORREC’s Architecture Studio. On the international stage, his project locations include Rome, Bogota, Jakarta, Beijing, Riyadh, and Seoul while balancing local projects in Canada and USA. He elevates FORREC’s projects by directing design, streamlining processes, overseeing large teams, and budget management – all while maintaining strong client relationships.

As Studio Director, Court works closely with project teams from concept design to project close-out. As a highly collaborative project leader, he develops best practices for his Studio to produce extraordinary projects. He has extensive knowledge in his field including a specialization in Third Place Theory, the space between home and workplace, which led him to publish his first book titled The One Third You Are Missing – Designing Third Places to Revitalize Downtown in 2008. It focuses on the significance of designing authentic social places and is supplemented by thoughts from Ray Oldenburg and Will Alsop.