Sep 13 2022

Chris Williams

Co-Director of Outreach Task Force, BAIDA 

Chris Williams is a licensed Architect in Ontario. Over the past 11 years, he has been involved with projects of various building types from commercial, institutional, residential, recreational, and retail. Currently at BNKC Architects in Toronto, he is the Project Architect of a synagogue renovation in Toronto.

Born and raised in Barbados, and having attained his tertiary education in the US, Chris has gained architectural experience in these two countries prior to him planting his flag in Canada. He prides himself on his organizational skills and loves the fast-paced duties of coordinating between his project team, consultants, contractors, and clients to bring his projects to fruition.

Chris is a founding member of BAIDA (Black Architects and Interior Designers Association) and is the Co-Director of the Outreach Task Force. He has a great interest in bringing more exposure of the architectural and interior design fields to the Black communities in Toronto and the rest of Canada.