Jan 12 2023

Cathy Garrido

Principal, Sustain Design Architects Inc. 

Cathy Garrido studied architecture at the University of Waterloo and co-founded Altius Design Studio in 1998 and Altius Architecture Inc in 2002. She is a licensed architect and registered interior designer with more than 25 years of experience in high-end residential design.  

The Altius group of companies now encompasses Sustain Design Architects Inc. and Architect Built Inc, which provides construction management and pre-fab building services and continues to focus on the high-end residential market. Clean, contemporary, sustainable design with a special emphasis on craftsmanship and detail has resulted in a wide range of award-winning and critically acclaimed projects. Our custom residential and cottage projects are particularly renowned for their sensitivity to the site, thoughtful interiors, rich materiality and innovative environmental design. Altius’ close attention to detail and client-driven ethos, which have made our single-family designs so successful, bring a distinct quality to our larger multi-unit residential and commercial projects.