Oct 31 2022

Amrinder Gill

Project Manager & Intern Architect, DIALOG

Amrinder Gill is an internationally trained architect with more than 15 years of experience in architecture and urban design.

Originally from India, Amrinder was the founding principal of Habitus Design Consultants in Chandigarh, India. He worked as design partner on various multi-unit residential, recreational, hospitality and Urban design projects. The diverse experience in range and scale of projects with deep technical and construction knowledge gives Amrinder a strong design and management-oriented approach to projects.

Amrinder’s great interest in innovative, complex and process driven projects has landed him in science and technology projects in Canada since 2019. He plays a leadership role on various Science and technology projects working as Project Manager / Intern architect at DIALOG, Toronto. He is a strong believer of Integrated approach in design and execution of projects. While at Dialog, Amrinder is managing various teaching, research and production lab projects for Universities, Health institutions and industrial research and production sectors. He is actively involved in various front-end proposals, programming, and feasibility studies.