Sep 7 2022

Afsaneh Asayesh

Principal, Envision Design Ltd & Treasurer at BAC-DAC

Afsaneh Asayesh is registered with the OAA and has been volunteering since 2013, leading the preparation of OAA’s white paper for the 2014 CACB Validation Conference. She was a founding member of RAIC Emerging Practitioners, Canada’s first Advocacy Group for Interns serving as Director of Knowledge from its inception in 2016 – 2020. She created a series of Webinars on the National Building Code and Contract Administration (ExAC Exam Sections 2 & 4), and participated in the preparation and/or presentation of Con Ed Sessions at RAIC Festivals 2015 – 2020.

In 2021, Afsaneh was a founding member of “Becoming Architects Canada” whose primary focus is advocating and providing support for individuals on the path to licensure. As Director of Knowledge, she has been responsible for preparation of BAC-DAC’s Launch Event Findings Report, the position paper submitted to CACB for the October 2022 Validation Conference, and a webinar on supporting ExAC prep.