About the TSA

Established in 1887, the Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) is a non-profit volunteer-led organization dedicated to bringing people together to discuss, learn and explore around our shared passion for the built environment.

We are committed to the betterment of our city and have played an important advocacy role throughout Toronto’s history. We do this through a wide range of programs which foster welcoming and inclusive forums for debate and the exchange of ideas, stimulating critical thinking about the design and building issues of our time.

Our public programming is complemented by initiatives supporting the personal growth and professional development of more than 2400 TSA members. Membership is open to everyone and welcomes design professionals, students and the general public.

The TSA is a Society of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), which is the licensing and regulatory body that governs the practice of architecture in Ontario.

What we believe

We believe that city-building is a collaborative process strengthened by a diversity of voices, open debate of ideas, and an informed citizenship. Our work exists at the intersection of public and professional discourse, creating common ground for discussion. We believe in life-long learning, helping our members deliver better work for their communities and promoting civic literacy on architecture and design through engaging and accessible programming. We are committed to constantly evaluating our offerings to ensure their continued relevance, responding to changing needs and priorities.

We actively work to create an inclusive and welcoming Society, removing barriers to participation and supporting members throughout their careers. We believe in the importance of diverse viewpoints, emerging voices and untold stories. We work together towards common goals,  providing platforms for the sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas.

Our Catchment Area

The TSA’s catchment area is defined by the bylaws of Ontario Association of Architects and extends from the shores of Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay. This historic boundary includes the majority of the Greater Toronto Area as well as Muskoka. Our reach however often extends beyond these historic boundaries to include the entirety of the GTA, with audiences and members joining us from across Ontario and North America.