REimagining Yonge

Our Position

The Toronto Society of Architects, in line with the City of Toronto Transportation Services,  strongly supports “Transform Yonge”, a proposal that would reduce Yonge Street from six to four lanes between Sheppard Avenue and Finch Avenue and provide an expanded pedestrian realm. We believe this proposal contributes to decades of city building in North York and recognizes Yonge Street as the heart of its vibrant and diverse city centre.

Letter and Deputation to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee

On February 27, 2018 the Toronto Society of Architects, in fulfillment of of its traditional role of ensuring that architecture and urban design are key considerations in public discussions, made an official submission to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee regarding REimagining Yonge (Sheppard to Finch) Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study (Ward 23, 24). The TSA strongly supported the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services endorsement of OPTION 1 “Transform Yonge” as the only option that recognizes Yonge Street’s potential to be a vibrant main street and focal point for the mixed use community around it.

You can read the TSA’s official submission here.

Our official submission was followed by a deputation before the Commmittee where TSA Chair Maria Denegri further elaborated on the TSA’s support of Option 1.

See the deputation here.

Support by the Ontario Association of Architects

Our position was further supported by a submission by the Ontario Association of Architects also endorsing Option 1. You can read their submission on their Government Relations Portal.


Wanting to expand the reach of our message beyond the halls of city hall, the TSA also penned an article published in NOW magazine about the options before Council and its importance to city-building in Toronto.

Status Update

The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee did not support Option 1 “Transform Yonge” and instead recommended Option 2 “Transform Beecroft” which keeps the six lanes of vehicular traffic on Yonge Streeet. At the March 27, 2018 meeting of the Toronto City Council, the Council voted to defer the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee’s recommendation endorsing option 2. The TSA will continue to monitor the file for when it returns to City Council.